How To Gain Muscle and Stay Lean

How To Gain Muscle and Stay Lean

Body Recomposition

Many people want to gain muscle, but at the same time they don’t want to bulk up. This dilemma is what body recomposition is all about. Body recomposing refers to the process of gaining lean muscle mass while losing fat and maintaining a low body fat percentage. It’s not an easy task, but it can be done with some dedication and hard work! Read on for our guide on how you can gain muscle without getting too big or bulky and learn more about bbl massage and what it actually is!

The first thing you need to do if you want to gain muscle is eat.

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A lot. This might sound obvious, but you really need to eat a caloric surplus if your main goal is to gain muscle mass. How much should you be eating? Well that depends on how many calories your body needs and what kind of regimen you follow (more on this later).

If we assume that most people start cutting after they’ve been bulking for at least one month and their weight has plateaued, then the first step towards gaining lean muscle mass is actually dieting down! You’ll want to slowly cut back on your cals over time until you reach a small calorie deficit – somewhere between 20-30%. At this point it’s best not to make any sudden changes in intake as drastic cuts like these can cause water retention due to a change in hormonal levels.

The next step is to build back up and start bulking again while at the same time staying lean! This means you’ll want to slowly add calories over time until your weight starts increasing once more, but this time you should aim for slightly above maintenance so that way it will be considered a caloric surplus. You can do this by adding about 500-1000 extra cals per week depending on how much you weigh and what kind of regimen you’re following (more on this later).