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The Desirability of Gold

Benefits & Average Value

Gold is a highly sought-after commodity and it’s not hard to see why. Gold has been around for thousands of years, and people have valued gold ever since the first time they laid eyes on it. Why? There are many reasons! We will discuss some of the benefits that come with owning noble gold as well as the average price per ounce.

The first thing to understand when thinking about the value of gold is that it’s not just a metal. While this may seem obvious to us in modern times, we’ve all seen movies and shows set in medieval or ancient worlds where people don’t really know what gold is or why they should care. In these instances, you’ll see characters carrying around jewelry made from other metals like silver because they think it looks pretty – however, if someone was wearing shiny copper necklaces would you be willing to trade them for your entire kingdom?

Noble Gold

While some cultures have historically valued precious gems over golden trinkets (for example, India has been known to say “red is worth more than yellow”), most civilizations throughout history have understood the real value behind owning pure 24-carat gold.

Gold is durable, malleable, and beautiful to look at – all three of these qualities are what make it desirable for jewelry-making. Although some cultures have used silver in their necklaces or bracelets throughout history (and even today), there’s something about the warm yellow color that makes people prefer 24-carat gold over any other metal when they’re looking for ways to decorate themselves. This has given gold a special place in our hearts as humans because we value things more if they have great utility AND aesthetic appeal! Gold isn’t just aesthetically pleasing though; it also doesn’t corrode which means you can pass down your family heirlooms down through the generations without worrying about them falling apart after a few years.

Gold’s high degree of malleability has also made it valuable throughout history because you can mold gold into any shape that you want! While other metals need to be hammered out over an open flame, gold can simply be shaped with your bare hands – this means that if the Egyptians wanted to make a golden statue for their pharaohs they could do so without needing special tools or equipment. The ability to take something as useless as sand and turn it into anything we desire is what makes owning gold so beneficial; even during times when technology was limited people were able to use their ingenuity in order create structures like Egyptian pyramids which would have been impossible using another metal.