How to Help

Sponor a monkIt is said that by supporting practitioners or helping bring about conducive conditions one creates the same amount of merit as if one were doing the practice oneself. The Great Yogi Milarepa stated that the meditator and the benefactor supporting the meditator will attain enlightenment at the same time, due to the auspicious karmic links they create.

Helping the Academy
You can help establish the Buddhist Academy by directly donating money to the general fund. This is an ambitious project and one that requires a great deal of support, so if you can help in any way please go to the Make a Donation page.

Helping the Monastery
The best way to help the Monastery is for you to sponsor a prayer or puja. You will find a list of Pujas and Prayers on the Make a Donation page. You can also help by purchasing prayer flags and lighting butter lamps. You will find how you can have butter lamps lit for you and prayer flags flown on the Make a Donation page. You can choose to have the flags put around the lake or hung around Guru Rinpoche cave.

By donating to the monastery you are not only helping the monastery, but you are also helping yourself, your loved ones and all sentient beings.

Food Offering for Monks
It is possible to make food offerings for monks by donating money towards certain meals. There is a list of meals and costings on the Make a Donation page. It is also possible to pay for all the meals during the 45 day Summer Retreat - please contact the office directly on for a full costing.

It is said that by providing food for the Sangha you will accumulate an enormous amount of good merit and help purify past negative actions.

Helping Lhundup Ling

You can help establish this retreat centre by going to the Make a Donation page and donating to the Lhundup Ling general fund. More information about this centre can be found on the Other Projects page.

Sponsor a Monk
Sponor a monkEach year the cost of running the monastery increases substantially and one of the largest expenditures is looking after the monks. When a monk is enrolled into the monastery we take full responsibility for their welfare, education, health and even their old age. The sponsorship of monks is essential for the monastery to survive and develop.

The sponsorship money goes towards the monks living costs, food, education and health care. If you would like to fully or partially sponsor a monk please go to the 'Make a Donation' page. You will receive a yearly personal letter and photo from the monk. You will also receive an acknowledgement letter from Ontul Rinpoche. If you prefer you can choose to stay anonymous and you will not be contacted by the monk. All correspondence will be carried out through the monastery office and no direct contact with the monk will be allowed.

Sponsor a Teacher

The teacher fund was set up to help support qualified teachers and for educational materials. The main priority of the Lotus Mount Academy is to provide high level education in a modern, well equipped environment. The cost of keeping to these standards will obviously increase year on year. So, the teachers fund is absolutely essential to ensure the monks education. If you would like to sponsor a teacher please go to the Make a Donation page.

Wish List

Below is a list of essential items the Monastery and Academy require. Please contact the office on if you are able to help with any of the items.

• Monks Robes
• Warm winter clothes
• Computer equipment
• Water filtering system
• Cost efficient lighting and solar panels
• Medicine and medical supplies
• Bedding (mattresses, blankets, pillows, etc.)
• Play and sports equipment