Projects undertaken and completed

1. Monastery Temple Extension
The construction of monastery extension building has been completed successfully which includes a small temple at the top, few rooms for visiting Rinpoche, extension of the old temple and new classrooms.

2. Monks Quarter
The monks Quarter which has 13 rooms and one dormitory has been completed successfully. The building now houses around 35 monks.

Current Projects :

1. Prayer wheel Project :
The prayer wheels will hold many sacred mantras inside and they will be built around the monastery. Sufficient amount of donations and offerings for this project have been collected. We have now ordered the prayer wheels and they will take a few months.


2. Statues for the Monastery Temple :

Buddha Statue  (9 ft. in height)
Guru Rinpoche Statue (8 ft. in height)
Drikung Kyobpa Statue (8 ft. in height)

The finishing cost of the three statues will be around 11.00.000 INR.  (Eleven Hundred Thousand Rupees)

3. Wall and Ceiling Paintings of the Monastery Temple:
The paintings will be of the 12 Deeds of Lord Buddha and will cost around 5.00.000 INR. (Five Hundred Thousand Rupees)

4. Butter Lamp Temple :
The Butter Lamp Temple will be constructed opposite to the main temple.

If you would like to donate to any of these projects please see the 'Make a Donation' page.